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Series Pitches

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A Series Pitches is a common format for presenting DramaSystem settings. The key entries are:


The exciting and dynamic one-sentence logline you'll use to introduce your series to players. 


Indicate to players the sorts of roles the characters might take on within the ensemble cast. 


Describe the qualities of your pitch’s time and place that will most directly impact the action. 


In bullet points, list likely themes for Episodes of your series, with or without explanatory notes indicating how they might be expressed in play.

Tightening the Screws

List a number of possible complications participants might introduce to reignite tensions within the main cast.


Provide a list of sample names for people, places, and (where appropriate) things in the series. Participants use these when stumped for suitable names when inventing people and places on the fly.

Additional Elements

If you need to add another element to this format to make your Series Pitch work, do it.

Series Pitches


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