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Creating Characters

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Step by Step

  1. The Game Moderator briefly encapsulates the series Setting and premise, defining the group from which the main player Characters are drawn. See Series Pitches.

  2. GM determines precedence; see Order of Precedence.

  3. First player in order proclaims his/her character’s name and Role in the Group.

  4. Second player proclaims his/her character’s name, Role in the Group, and relationship to first character. Players notate relationships on relationship maps. See Defining Relationships.

  5. Third player proclaims his/her character’s name, role in the tribe, and relationship to all other proclaimed Characters.

  6. According to precedence, remaining players repeat above step.

  7. In the established Order of Precedence, players proclaim their desires. See Your Desire.

  8. In the same order, players define their characters’ dramatic poles. See Your Dramatic Poles.

  9. GM chooses a new precedence order.

  10. First player in new precedence defines what his/her character wants from any other player’s character. See What You Want.

  11. The player of the other character defines why they can’t get it.

  12. Both players adjust the statement as needed to reflect first character’s understanding of the situation.

  13. Repeat steps 10-12 for each remaining player in precedence.

  14. Repeat steps 9-12 until all Characters are named as objects of at least two other characters’ wants. (Any unaddressed relationships are defined during play.)

  15. Each player ranks his character’s Action Types, sorting them into Strong, Middling, and Weak.

  16. Players apply “How I Do It” descriptors to their Strong Action Types.

  17. Based on what they now know about their Characters, especially their dramatic poles, players complete the statement, “My story is of a man/woman who...”

  18. With a renewed Order of Precedence and an initial scene framing, play begins. See Playing the Game.


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