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Burn Bryte


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Burn Bryte

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Welcome to the Olaxis Galaxy! You are now a playtester of the first roleplaying game designed for use exclusively with Roll20, Burn Bryte.

Burn Bryte was conceived in early 2016 when Nolan Jones, Roll20’s CEO, asked game designers James Introcaso and Jim McClure to create a science fantasy RPG exclusively for the platform. Together James and Jim came up with the idea of a galaxy in crisis, surrounded by a phenomena that was shrinking existence, a sort of slow reversal of the Big Bang. Roll20’s staff was excited by the idea so Nolan took a chance and produced the game.

In the early days of Burn Bryte’s development two genius brains were brought on board to design the project with James and Jim: Kat Khul and Darcy Ross. Together the team talked about the game’s themes. Immigration, refugees, clash of cultures, and resource depletion were obvious from the start.

Two other big themes of Burn Bryte are escalation and pushing luck. Every Combat encounter, exploration obstacle, and interaction are filled with story stakes and a chance of failure guaranteed to make the game more interesting. We want players to push their characters’ fortunes to the brink, cheering as they pull off incredible feats and staring in awe as the GM describes the Consequences of failure. The mechanics and story of Burn Bryte are made for desperate acts of heroism just crazy enough to work.

A less obvious theme we wanted to in our galaxy-ending RPG is hope. As the universe comes to an end, player characters have an opportunity to make that shrinking galaxy a better place. We want their actions to mean something despite the end of all things. Helping someone escape The Burn isn’t meaningless. That person is getting their whole life back. You have the opportunity to tell stories of hope in the face of the most hopeless situation we could imagine. You won’t find a way to stop The Burn in the pages of this compendium, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

The designers worked tirelessly with Roll20 staff, countless artists, playtesters, and others to create Burn Bryte, but you, the players of the game, tell the stories of The Olaxis Galaxy. We hope you have as many laughs, ideas, wow moments, and edge of your seat anticipations playing the game as we did making it. The Roll20 community is amazing. This is for you.

Ex animo,

Darcy, James, Jim, and Kat

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